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The CVIC Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of every month,
excluding July and December, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at CVIC.

Board of Directors Special Meeting - May 23, 2019, 7:30 a.m.  (click here for additional information)

Transition Committee Meeting - May 17, 2019, 7:30 a.m.  (click here for additional information)

Governance Committee Meeting - May 16, 2019, 8:30 a.m.  (click here for additional information)

Finance Committee Meeting - May 29, 2019, 3:30 p.m.  (click here for additional information)

Dr. Eric Plummer
Associate Vice President and Chief of Police, University of North Dakota, serving on CVIC’s board since 2014
“Partnering with CVIC is an excellent opportunity to assist and serve our community in the efforts to end violence so that every person can live in a community without fear. CVIC's work assists my organization in achieving our mission of providing a safe place to live, learn, work, and visit. I am proud to be a part of such a fine organization.”

Darla Adams
Health Care Education Consultant, serving on CVIC’s board since 2011
“The CVIC plays a vital role in leading our community in the social change that is needed to end violence once and for all. I feel honored to be able to work closely with the CVIC as it continues its important work towards ensuring safety for all members of the Grand Forks community.”

Dr. Linda Neuerburg
Interim Director, Student Diversity & Inclusion UND, serving on CVIC’s board since 2011
“Children, especially young children, are a passion of mine and to see the light go out in their eyes because of domestic violence in their home is unacceptable! When I heard the statistic that there were 889 children living in abusive homes in Grand Forks during 2014, I knew I had made the right decision to become involved with this organization dedicated to ensuring the safety of victims of domestic abuse, especially vulnerable children. I am proud to serve on this board with so many others who care deeply about ending violence in our community.”

Randy Boettner
Vice President and Owner, Custom Aire, serving on CVIC’s board since 2011
“I wanted to serve on the CVIC Board of Directors because I am all about improving the quality of life in Grand Forks and the surrounding area. CVIC works directly with people that live in our community and provides services that make a difference. The great work that the CVIC management and employees provide for our community is priceless!”

Pete Hoistad
Certified Public Accountant, Retired, serving on CVIC’s board since 2017
“My wife and I have been supporters of CVIC for a long time, and we continue to be moved by the stories of those people in our community that are able to be helped by CVIC.  At their most vulnerable moments help is here.  It is an honor to serve on CVIC's Board of Directors and to assist the organization in any way possible to continue the mission of eliminating violence in our communities."

Will Kusler
Location Manager, Markit County Grain, LLC, serving on CVIC's board since 2016
"The CVIC’s services—both reactive and proactive—speak volumes about their inspired staff and leadership.  Everyone in our community and region knows someone impacted by violence.  The CVIC is taking steps to prevent and eliminate those issues.  I am honored to serve on the board along with exceptional community leaders in an effort towards safety for all."

Mac Schneider
Attorney at Law, Schneider Law Firm, serving on CVIC’s board since 2012
"What impresses me about CVIC is not just the life-saving assistance the organization provides to victims, but also the emphasis on stopping violence from occurring in the future. With its energetic staff, CVIC holistically engages the community to break the cycle of violence and make Grand Forks a safer place for families and children. It's an honor to serve on the board of an organization with such an important mission."

Jody Thompson
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, Grand Forks Public Schools, serving on CVIC's board since 2012 
“I became involved with CVIC through our work together on the Safer Tomorrows Grant. The partnership with CVIC and the Grand Forks Schools has been a rewarding one. It allowed me to become more aware of CVIC's mission and purpose. It's been a pleasure to serve on the board with other outstanding community leaders.”

Kyle Thorson
Global Program Manager, Amazon, and Owner, Archives Coffee House, serving on CVIC’s board since 2015
“I'm honored to be able to join the CVIC Board and partner together with so many amazing individuals to further the goals of the organization. The impact of CVIC is self-evident and a powerful reminder of how important it is to provide a strong support group for the community.”

Dominique Buchholz
Pastor, Sharon Lutheran Church, serving on CVIC's board since 2018
“I'm interested in serving on the board of directors because CVIC has clear goals for ending violence."

Jody Hodgson
General Manager, Ralph Engelstad Arena, serving on CVIC’s board since 2018
"I seek to support the management and staff at the CVIC as they do the important work of improving the lives of those in our community. I believe that CVIC has a major impact in our community by providing access to important social services for those who need a helping hand. I feel that CVIC is on the front line every day in the battle to try and reduce incidents of violence in our community."  

Our Interim President/CEO
Edie Dahlen
Interim President/CEO
Edie Dahlen has served 26 years at CVIC, including as director of community investment, assistant director, and advocate. She has guided our development plan for more than two decades, engaging the community in generously supporting vital services that promote safety for families, help children and adults heal from trauma, and ultimately end local violence in two generations through the Safer Tomorrows Road Map. She also coordinated our recent capital campaign that raised more than $3 million to build a new shelter. 
“I am privileged to be a part of CVIC’s important mission to promote safety and to foster healing for adults and children harmed by violence and to work toward the day when no child will be afraid in his or her home again.  Our vision through the innovative Safer Tomorrows Road Map is to virtually end local violence in two generations.  It is a bold but attainable goal, as the research clearly shows violence is predictable, and therefore preventable.”
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