Our Programs

Providing a lifeline to safety, fostering healing and empowerment,
and promoting an end to violence once and for all

Light of Hope

Serving adults, youth and children impacted by domestic and sexual violence, stalking and bullying

  • Shelter and 24-hour crisis intervention
  • Assistance with orders for protection
  • Coordination with law enforcement, healthcare, and other agencies
  • Legal representation
  • Trauma-informed therapy and support groups
  • Transitional housing and other housing support
  • Career counseling
  • Emergency financial assistance


Pathways Toward Justice

Serving adults, youth and children impacted by personal injury and property crimes

  • Emotional support and information about the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems
  • Notification for victims about case developments when the offender is prosecuted, such as court appearances, updates and sentencing
  • Advocacy on behalf of victims, including accompanying them to court
  • Assistance in completing victim impact statements and filing for compensation or requesting restitution
  • Referrals to other community services and resources


Kids First

Serving adults, youth and children in need of safety

  • Supervised visitations between children and caregivers who may be a risk to their safety
  • Supervised exchanges of children to ensure no contact between parents when needed
  • Safety planning and referrals for safety services


New Choices

Serving adults who have used violence in their intimate relationships

  • Evidence-based programming for men with a component on fatherhood
  • Inter-agency collaboration to ensure accountability and follow-through with court orders
  • Outreach to intimate partners of those in group to provide safety planning
  • Groups for women who have used violence in their relationships


Community Innovations

Working to prevent violence through education, training and collaboration

  • Prevention education for children, youth and adults
  • In-depth training on best practices for professionals in the criminal justice system, health care, human services, education, business and other fields
  • Leadership and coordination of innovative collaborative projects working to improve our response to violence and end violence once and for all.


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Preventing violence. Promoting safety. Building hope.  

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