Our Partners


Our dedicated volunteers inspire us every day, choosing to give of their time and talents because they believe in our mission and want to make our community a better place. Here are ways our volunteers serve:

  • Kids First supervised visitation assistants
  • Rise and Shine for Peace table captains
  • Office assistants
  • CCR court observer

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Pete and Mel Hoistad

Financial Partners

Of all the great causes out there, I never get the same feeling as I do with CVIC, that if I write this check or not, someone out there may live, or they may die.
Pete Hoistad CVIC supporter with his wife, Mel, since 2002

The work that we do to change lives and end violence is made possible by generous, committed and passionate people investing in our mission. This year, to meet our budget and continue the work our community calls us to do, nearly 40 percent–or $1.27 million–must be contributed by our local community. Here are the ways our financial partners invest in our mission:

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Collaborating Organizations

We are privileged to live in a community with a rich history of collaboration, where organizations from education to healthcare to the criminal justice system join together to offer their energy and expertise to tackle problems and create a safer, healthier community. Here are just some of the projects and organizations with which CVIC collaborates.

  • Community Action Team
  • Community Agency Networking Association
  • Coordinated Community Response Project
    • Lethality Assessment Program
    • Sexual Assault Response Team
  • Red River Valley Children’s Advocacy Center Multi-Disciplinary Team
  • Safer Tomorrows Project
  • UND Committee on Sexual Violence Prevention


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