Ashley* saw no way out.

It felt like she was suffocating, with no space, no air, no escape: constant insults and threats, her every movement watched.

On many occasions she had borne the imprint of her husband’s fist on her cheek for one reason or another: dinner was late, she wasn’t dressed right, or she had makeup on that, he said, made her look cheap.

She saw her chance and ran

Ashley will never, ever forget the night that her husband left the house
... and she just knew. It was now or never. She grabbed her purse and ran for her life.

A card and a call changed her life

Once huddled inside a grocery store, Ashley dug in her purse for the gift a coworker had given her: a card for CVIC’s crisis line. (Who would ever have thought that such a tiny card could have such an impact?)

That card, Ashley’s call, and our response forever changed the life of this woman.

Shelter and crisis support were invaluable to Ashley, keeping her safe and helping her to take the next step forward. She is now living in her own home, safe and free.

* Photo, name and some details changed to protect confidentiality.

This is how shelter and safety can change a life.


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