Carmen* was leaving the gym one evening when she was sexually assaulted.

She went to the emergency room after the assault but, for weeks after, she struggled every day, worried about her safety and about the impact the assault was having on her marriage.

Flashbacks impacted daily life

She eventually needed to take a leave from work as her extreme anxiety, self-blame and flashbacks of the assault were making it impossible to concentrate.

Carmen turned to CVIC for help and began therapy through Light of Hope.

At CVIC, she gets her life back

Over time, she came to believe the assault was not her fault and learned to successfully manage the flashbacks and anxiety and was able to return to work.

A few months after her therapy ended, she was triggered by an event and called her Light of Hope therapist. They met and, after just one session, she was able to identify the problem and learn how to talk herself through what she would need to do to manage similar incidents in the future.

Carmen now feels like she has her life back.

* Photo, name and some details changed to protect safety and confidentiality.

This is how trauma-informed therapy can change a life.


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