Grace & Her Mom

We don’t know why Grace* was crying; perhaps she had a wet diaper or just wanted to be held. But her dad couldn’t take the noise any longer, so he picked up Grace, yelled in her face, and started to shake her.

Grace’s mom, Amy,* intervened and was able to take Grace from her husband’s arms and place her back in her crib before she bore the brunt of his rage.

When Amy came to us, the bruises on her face and arms were still visible. Her husband had been charged with assault and ordered to have only supervised visitation with Grace.

Before our Kids First supervised visitation program, there was no safe place in Grand Forks for kids to spend time with parents who pose a risk to their safety. But even parents like Grace’s dad still have a legal right to see their children.

At Kids First, we provided that safe place. Our trained staff were in the room every minute during visits between Grace and her dad, monitoring the interaction and giving her dad guidance on safe parenting.

Thanks to all who support Kids First, both Grace and her mom are safe.

* Photo, name and some details changed to protect safety and confidentiality.

This is how safe visitation can change a life.


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