When he came to CVIC, Kim didn’t feel life was worth living.
When he completed our program, he had hope for his future.

Kim* felt his life was spiraling downward, and he couldn’t find a way to stop it.

His dad abused his mom until Kim was in 6th grade and they left the home. But for the next several years, Kim took the brunt of his dad’s emotional abuse on weekends when he stayed at his house.

He thought suicide may be the only way out

Kim’s mom brought him to CVIC because he’d started having suicidal thoughts. He became terrified of his dad because of his threats and yelling.

At CVIC, Kim joined a therapy group for teens, where he met other kids going through the same things.

He learned strategies for positively coping with the impact the past abuse still had on his life.

At CVIC, hope was restored

Over time, he gained confidence and was most proud of the fact that he didn’t commit suicide. Everything he learned, he said, made him realize that it wouldn’t be worth it.

Now Kim says that, thanks to CVIC, he can focus on his future. He realizes that, even though things may look bleak at times, they can get better. There’s always hope.

* Photo, name and some details changed to protect safety and confidentiality.

This is how trauma-informed therapy can change a life.


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