Terrell* contacted us at New Choices because he knew he had to make some big changes in his life.

His wife of several years had decided to leave him because of his abuse. Terrell had never hit his wife, but used threats and yelling to control her, prevented her from seeing her friends, and wanted to know where she was at all times.

We were able to be there for Terrell and his family, providing him with education and tools to change his behavior.

It didn’t happen overnight, but Terrell made marked improvements.

When we followed up with his wife, she said that their relationship had gotten a lot better, and that he had stopped checking up on her and yelling at her.

As for Terrell, he acknowledges that it will take daily practice to learn new behaviors, but having a toolbox of techniques learned in group “is the key.”

* Photo, name and some details changed to protect safety and confidentiality.

This is how New Choices can change a life.


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