Project Partners

We are privileged to live in a community with a rich history of collaboration, where organizations from education to healthcare to the criminal justice system join together to offer their energy and expertise to tackle problems and create a safer, healthier community.

Below are some of the projects through which CVIC and partner agencies collaborate.

Projects spearheaded by CVIC

Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Project

Purpose: To improve the way the criminal justice system and community respond to domestic and sexual violence. All cases of domestic and sexual violence are tracked through the system, trends are identified, and professionals dialogue and participate in training to improve our response.

Accomplishments: Our CCR promotes the four key efforts below (Domestic Violence Court Steering Committee, High-Risk Team, Lethality Assessment Program, and the Sexual Assault Response Team), with the following accomplishments:

  • Vital information tracked: 1,107 law enforcement reports, 221 prosecuted cases, and 278 sentencing hearings were entered into our system in 2018.

  • Increased conviction rate: The conviction rate in domestic violence cases climbed from 65% in 2005 to 89% in 2018.

  • Children are safer: Law enforcement responding to 911 calls increased reports of child abuse or neglect from 30% of reports that noted child witnesses in 2002 to 47% in 2018.

  • More offenders ordered into New Choices: Defendants convicted and ordered into CVIC’s offender treatment program increased from 23% of offenders sentenced in 2006 to 84% in 2018.

Team members: Altru Health System • City of Grand Forks • CVIC • Global Friends Coalition • Grand Forks County Correctional Center • Sheriff’s Department • Social Service Center’s Child Protective Services, States Attorney’s Office • Grand Forks Police Department and Public Safety Answering Point (911) • ND Parole and Probation • Northeast Central Judicial District Court • Northwood Police Department • UND Police Department • Valley Community Health Centers.


CCR's Domestic Court Steering Committee

Purpose: To oversee the planning, development and continued implementation of the new specialized Domestic Violence Court.

Team members: Northeast Central Judicial District Court justices, clerk of court, and deputy clerk of court • Court Administration Unit 1 court administrator • Grand Forks County States Attorney’s Office prosecutor • Grand Forks Public Defender Office supervising attorney • North Dakota Parole and Probation Northeast program manager • CVIC Domestic Violence Court coordinator, CCR coordinator and data assistant, Pathways Toward Justice victim/witness program coordinator, New Choices offender programming coordinator, and Kids First supervised child visitation/exchange coordinator.


CCR's Domestic Violence High-Risk Team

Purpose: To discuss high-risk cases, lethality issues, and the enforcement of firearms and protection orders as needed to enhance victim safety and offender accountability.

Team members: Grand Forks County States Attorney’s Office prosecutor • Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department and Grand Forks Police Department investigators • North Dakota Parole and Probation Department officer • CVIC staff, including the Domestic Violence Court Project coordinator, Pathways Toward Justice victim/witness program specialist, Light of Hope law enforcement advocate, and New Choices offender program coordinator • University of North Dakota Police Department.


CCR's Lethality Assessment Program

Purpose: To improve the safety of victims of domestic violence and their children, with law enforcement officers trained to assess danger levels at the scene of 911 calls and immediately connect victims at risk of lethality with safety services at CVIC.


  • Training on evidence-based protocols: 160 law enforcement officers and advocates were initially trained. Officers and advocates continue to receive refresher trainings on the lethality assessment and safety protocols each year.
  • More are served: 58% (419) of victims screened over 3 years by law enforcement at the scene of a 911 call had a high risk of lethality and were immediately connected with CVIC for services; 138 victims had never before accessed services at CVIC.

Team members: CVIC • Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department • Grand Forks Police Department • Northwood Police Department • University of North Dakota Police Department.


CCR's Sexual Assault Response Team

Purpose: To effectively respond to victims of sexual assault by compassionately addressing victims’ trauma, improving forensic evidence collection, and coordinating follow through.


  • Training: Team Members have been trained on best practice protocols and continue to receive refresher training each year on the SART response.

  • Implementation: Members respond as a team to sexual assault victims in the emergency room and other location.

Team members: Altru Health System Emergency Department • CVIC • Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department • Grand Forks Police Department • Northwood Police Department • University of North Dakota Police Department.


Green Dot

Purpose: To educate and equip community members to both intervene in potentially harmful situations and to proactively foster a safe community.

Accomplishments: Initiated in 2017 and spearheaded by CVIC, the CORE team completed bystander intervention training in 2018 and is working on expanding Green Dot into the community.  See more here.

Team members: Altru Health System • Community Members • Business People


Kids First Collaborative Committee

Purpose: To collaboratively address broad civil issues affecting victims and their children.

Team members: Northeast Central Judicial District judge and juvenile court officer • Northeast Human Service Center regional supervisor • Grand Forks County Social Services foster care supervisor • Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Department investigators • Grand Forks Police Department investigators; Grand Forks Public Schools Native American school liaison • private defense attorney • CVIC staff, including the Kids First supervised visitation/exchange program coordinator, New Choices offender program coordinator, Legal Assistance to Victims attorney, Light of Hope victim advocacy program therapist and advocate, and Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Project coordinator.


Safer Tomorrows Road Map

Purpose: To virtually end violence in Grand Forks County in two generations.

Accomplishments: Building upon a collaborative project begun in 2011, the Safer Tomorrows Road Map has made tremendous progress in safety, healing and education to end violence, with multiple agencies serving on the Safer Tomorrows Road Map Alliance.  See video.

Alliance members: Grand Forks Public Schools • Larimore Public Schools • Emerado Police Department • Ruth Meiers Adolescent Treatment Center • University of North Dakota Pride Center • UND Ten Percent Society • Valley Community Health Centers • Youth and community members

Also participating in the Safer Tomorrows Road Map: Altru Health System • Emerado Public School • Manvel Public School • Midway Public Schools • Northwood Public Schools • Thompson Public Schools • The Village Family Service Center • Major investors


Other great collaborations
involving CVIC and other agencies

Community Agency Networking Association

Purpose: To work on the problems of poverty and homelessness in our community by encouraging cooperation among service organizations, educational systems, businesses and individuals in the Greater Grand Forks/East Grand Forks area.

Community Partners Committee

Purpose: To bring partners together to discuss and strengthen the community’s response to behavioral health and chemical dependency issues.


Purpose: To provide advocacy and prevention services to students who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or other sexual violence. CVIC is proud to partner with UND, working together to provide a confidential advisor as well as a prevention specialist on campus to assist students.  See more at:

Greater Grand Forks Inter-Agency Forum

Purpose: To encourage communication and cooperation among human service agencies.  See more at: 

Live Well Grand Cities

Purpose: To lead a forum of organizations to create sustainable healthy environments through fostering relationships, advocating for health policy, and improving health outcomes. See more at:

Red River Valley Children’s Advocacy Center Multi-Disciplinary Team

Purpose: To provide coordinated responses to cases of child maltreatment and make joint recommendations regarding criminal investigation, child protection and prosecution.

UND Committee on Sexual Violence Prevention

Purpose: In collaboration with community leaders and service providers, assess and improve campus policies, prevention programs, and response services dealing with sexual misconduct to include but is not limited to sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and related acts. Assist in meeting University responsibilities as they relate to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.



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