This holiday season, we are grateful for your support and reminded of the lives you have impacted. 

Two years ago, Marin* was living in her car with her children after fleeing violence in her home. With your support, this family’s life has completely changed. From a life of fear to now overflowing with strength and possibility. We are convinced that with your support, we can change even more lives this holiday season.

Someone like Lauren*, who is pregnant with no vehicle and walks miles to and from work each day; she doesn’t know how she will make it when the baby is born.

Or Joey*, whose clothes are worn and eyes just a little bit haunted because of the things he’s seen. Or Amanda*, who agonizes every night over finding enough food to feed her children the next day.

Thank you for providing safety and peace to the families we serve.

It takes just one person to help another in need. Will be the one this holiday?

Make your gift here.

*Names changed



If you prefer to send a cash or check (payable to CVIC) donation, please send to:
211 S 4th St
Grand Forks ND 58201

Make your credit card gift by phone. Call Jill at 701-746-0405.



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