Exposure to Violence at Home

Have you felt like things are not okay with your family? Do things seem very stressful or unsafe at home? If so, please feel free to take this quiz.

Parents includes step-parents, foster parents, or your parent's partner.

  • Does one parent sometimes acts in a way that makes the other feel nervous, intimidated or scared?
  • Does one parent constantly put the other down, criticize them or calls them name such as "stupid" or "useless"?
  • Has one parent hit, kicked, pushed, thrown things at, or hurt the other?
  • Does one parent try to stop the other from going out or from seeing their family or friends?
  • Does one parent control all the money or not allow the other parent have any money?
  • Does one parent bully the other and always has to be the boss?
  • Has one parent threatened to hurt the other?

This quiz was developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Center Victoria and reprinted with their permission.

If you said yes to any of the quiz questions, you may be living in a home with domestic violence and may experience the following:

  • Can’t concentrate at school.
  • Feel tired all of the time because you cannot sleep at night.
  • Find yourself in trouble with authorities (police or principals).
  • Feel like you are all alone.
  • Want to protect your supportive parent.
  • Not want to bring friends over to your home because you don’t know what to expect.
  • Worry that if someone finds out what is happening at home, that you will be taken away.
  • Feel nervous all the time.
  • Feel like you want to hurt yourself.
  • Feel helpless, like you don’t know what to do.
  • No longer do things you used to enjoy.

There are many people that care about you and are ready to help and listen.

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