Our Services

If you are a victim of a crime and your offender is prosecuted, we provide a listening ear and shine a light on the entire criminal court process so you are informed and empowered.

Emotional support
Support in coping with the effects of victimization and the demands of criminal justice system involvement.

Information about the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems.

Case notification
Notification about developments in your case, such as court appearances, updates and sentencing. For automated notices of the defendant’s incarceration, criminal case status or probation, please visit vinelink.com or call (866) 631-8463.

Advocacy on your behalf within the criminal justice system and community to uphold your rights. This includes accompanying you to court and working with criminal justice professionals and other agencies.

Victim impact statements
Assistance in completing victim impact statements, if you want to make the court aware of the impact the crime has had on your life.

Assistance in requesting restitution, filing for crime victims compensation or applying for witness fees.

Referrals to other community services and resources that may assist you.

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