What You May Experience

Victims of all types of crime may experience trauma, such as physical harm, emotional stress or shock, caused by the crime. Reactions to trauma are very specific to an individual – no two persons respond exactly the same way. The effects may last for hours, days, weeks, months or years. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help if the symptoms worsen or you’re unable to care for yourself or others. Below are some effects you may experience.

You may have difficulty eating or sleeping or experience extreme fatigue. Some people develop a chemical dependency to try to numb the emotional pain.

You may have difficulty concentrating or experience flashbacks that interfere with your ability to perform normal tasks.

You may feel anger, loneliness, fear, depression, confusion or helplessness that at times may seem overwhelming.

Sometimes family or friends urge you to “get on with life” and may feel rejected when you aren’t able to meet their expectations. You may feel misunderstood and distant from your family or friends.

Loss of Trust
You may feel like your sense of trust in others and your environment has been violated, especially if it was someone you knew that committed the crime.

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