What You May Experience

If you are being harmed by your spouse of intimate partner, nothing you could have said or done would ever give someone the right to abuse you.

It is not your fault.

You may feel confused about what to do, and may want only the violence, not the relationship, to end. Like others, you may fear that if you leave, you or your children may be seriously injured, or you will not be able to support yourself or your children on your own. You may hope the most recent incident of abuse will be the last, or your spouse or partner will change if given the chance. You may feel alone, and no longer close to people you used to confide in.

Everyone responds to abuse in different ways, but trauma can have a lasting impact  Acknowledging its effects is the first step to helping yourself.

Possible effects of abuse
  • Physical
    • Bruises, contusions, marks on your neck
    • Not eating or sleeping
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sexual dysfunction
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – flashbacks, nightmares, extreme anxiety
  • Depression – prolonged sadness and hopelessness
  • Dissociation – feeling checked out

We at CVIC are here to listen to you and believe you. Our hope is to provide you with options for your safety, well-being and future. We believe you should have the freedom to make your own decisions, and it is our goal simply to help you find peace. We will assist you with safety planning, protection orders, legal representation, shelter, career counseling, housing, therapy, supervised visitations or exchanges for your children, criminal justice advocacy and connections to other resources. We are also here if you just need a listening ear.

There is hope. Please call us.

Our services are free
and confidential

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