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Sexual assault or sexual violence is any sexual contact that one or more persons performs upon another without mutual consent. Sexual assault can be committed by a loved one, someone you know as a friend, or a stranger, and the perpetrator may use a variety of means to control you during the sexual violation.

Sexual Assault Quiz

There is not a “typical” way to sexually assault someone, but the following questions may help you determine if the sexual contact was an assault:

  • Were you scared to say no or resist?
  • Were you or someone you love threatened?
  • If you said no, were you ignored?
  • Were you forced to have sex through threats or physical restraint?
  • Did someone have sex with you without your consent or were you unable to consent?
  • Were you incapacitated by illness, alcohol and/or drugs?
  • Were you given drugs or alcohol without your consent or knowledge?

This quiz was developed by the Women Helping Women and reprinted with their permission.

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the questions, you may have been sexually assaulted.

Campus Sexual Assault

College-aged women (18-24) are at a higher risk of being sexually assaulted. CVIC works closely with area campuses to ensure college students have access to resources and are not alone.

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