What You May Experience

If you have been sexually assaulted by a friend, acquaintance, family member, or stranger, nothing you could have said or done would ever give someone the right to sexually assault or abuse you. It was not your fault – no matter what.

Some people who have been sexually assaulted feel they should have struggled more or have done something to prevent the assault. But consent to sexual contact is based on choice and equal power. If you can’t say no comfortably, then yes has no meaning. You are not to blame.

You may feel overwhelmed or like you’re going crazy.
Take some deep breaths, and move forward minute by minute if you have to. Call someone who can help you through these feelings.

You may have a lot of questions.
Questions like was this sexual assault a crime? Should I be concerned about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases? Could I have been drugged?

You may feel ashamed.
You did nothing wrong – you were a victim of a crime.

You may be afraid because you feel like you can’t handle what happened to you.
Get professional care, no matter what anybody says. You don’t have to give in to pressure from others to “get over it” if that’s not the way you feel.

You may feel hurt by other people’s reactions.
They may not understand what being sexually violated is like, and you are not obligated to continue talking with them about your experience. Find someone you trust, or call us at CVIC to talk about what you are going through.

You may feel like you will never be the same.
It is true that your life has changed. But you will survive. Be gentle with yourself and find healthy ways to get through this. You will make it.

Anyone can be raped, and all are served at CVIC. We are here to listen, believe you, and provide options for your safety and well-being. There is hope. Please call us. Our services are free and confidential.

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