Healing for All

We are learning more each day about the impact of trauma on human lives.
But with the right approach, we can offer hope and healing for those harmed by violence.
See more about our goals for healing in our Safer Tomorrows Road Map.


What does the future hold for kids
who have been traumatized by violence–witnessing their parent being hit, or experiencing bullying, sexual abuse, or dating violence themselves? Without intervention or support, they are much more likely than other kids to:

  • Abuse alcohol and drugs
  • Fail in school
  • Commit suicide or have lifelong health problems

This Year's Goal

At least 95% of children will improve their emotional well-being and use positive coping skills to enhance their resiliency


Our Answer: evidence-based therapy that is proven to work

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a child transform from being afraid or suicidal to hopeful and confident. We help kids to heal, and we teach them healthy coping and relationship skills that will impact the rest of their lives.

Youth completing our therapy program tell us they:

  • Improved their grades from D's and F's to A's and B's
  • Stayed away from alcohol and drugs
  • Ended their suicidal thoughts

Read about Kim’s story. Last year:

  • 237 kids ages 3 to 18 were provided therapy and support
  • 100% of youth surveyed exhibited improved emotional well-being
  • 83% of youth reporting an impact of trauma at school reported improved school performance

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Our evidence-based therapies for traumatized adults change lives
How does one move on after being sexually assaulted? Or pick up the pieces after a decade of walking on eggshells, trying every way to avoid being hit? Many of our clients are finding that our evidence-based therapies that focus on overcoming trauma from violence help them to heal and find the courage and strength to move on with their life. Read about Carmen’s story. Last year:

  • 61 received individual therapy, and 32 received group counseling to heal from domestic and sexual violence
  • 100% of those surveyed showed improvement in emotional condition

Sponsor an adult's healing for $194

“You helped me completely turn my life around. Coming to see her at CVIC every week is the best decision I've ever made!”
– CVIC Client

“I'm able to leave the house without panic attacks. When I sleep its' more restful, no nightmares.”
– CVIC Client

This Year's Goal

90% of clients will improve their emotional health after the trauma of violence


Healing can happen by being empowered and given a voice in court

Sometimes healing comes through having a voice after suffering the devastation of crime, whether it be violence against one’s person, a home burglary, or a stolen identity that threatens to ruin one’s credit rating. When a victim’s offender is prosecuted, we not only provide a listening ear, but we shine a light on the entire court process so the victim is informed and empowered.

“Thanks for the countless hours you put in helping us deal with the legal part. You always made us feel like you cared about us.”
– CVIC Client

Last Year:

  • 1,058 victims of crime were provided case information, emotional support and advocacy to ensure their rights were upheld according to state law
  • 99% of clients surveyed said they were kept well informed of the status of their case

Preventing violence. Providing safety. Building hope.

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