Safety for All

Many of us have never really been in danger. We've never had to flee our home because
someone living there was trying to hurt us. Yet at this very moment we know of
1,000 adults and 900 children who live in fear right here in our community.


When our new shelter opens in June, we will double our ability to provide refuge for adults and children feeling violence because their home is not safe. Read about Ashley’s story.
Last year:

  • 185 adults and children sheltered - a 80% increase since 2010
  • 45% of children sheltered were age 5 or younger, most vulnerable to the harmful impact of trauma
  • 6,318 healthy meals provided


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New shelter will double our ability to serve those whose homes aren’t safe.

This Year's Goal

100% of families in danger will be provided safe shelter.



  We are open 24/7
   to help people stay safe

Our 24-hour crisis line is answered by advocates trained to intervene and provide safe options. We may meet a victim of sexual assault in the emergency room or assist a law enforcement officer responding to a 911 call. Or we may simply listen and provide options to increase safety. We also help individuals to apply to the court for protection orders and provide legal representation in civil cases to help people stay safe. Last year:

  • 959 calls to our 24-hour crisis line
  • 97% of those surveyed felt safer after receiving crisis services
  • 99% of those surveyed felt services were beneficial to their lives

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Lethality Assessment Program helps victims and kids at high risk of lethality
New project proven to save lives
Through the Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Project Local law enforcement now assess the danger level at the scene and help victims to quickly access safety services at CVIC. More people are now getting crisis services to ensure their safety.

Sexual Assault Response Team improves crisis response for victims
New project targets sexual assault
CVIC, law enforcement and emergency room nurses have teamed up through the CCR Project to respond to sexual assault victims by compassionately addressing their trauma, improving forensic evidence collection, and coordinating follow through.


“The entire experience from shelter to housing has been a very positive, life-changing experience.”
– CVIC Client

This Year's Goal

12 families will receive our comprehensive services
to achieve financial independence, securing jobs, education and housing to keep them safe


Financial security is the #1 predictor of long-term freedom from abuse

We empower clients leaving shelter or abusive relationships so they can support themselves and their kids. The alternative? Being forced to go back to the violence at home because they can’t afford to pay rent or put food on the table. We help people with basic expenses in order to survive or with finding housing or employment. For a limited number, we provide comprehensive self-sufficiency services involving transitional housing, career counseling, budgeting guidance and related support for up to two years. Read about Katherine’s story. Last year:

  • 15 families received our comprehensive self-sufficiency services that included housing, career counseling and support.  Thanks to you, we met our goal!
  • 84 received career counseling and support to secure jobs or enroll in school
  • 242 received help in finding housing they could afford


Ending a violent relationship doesn’t mean the violence will end, especially if kids are involved and are being exchanged between parents. Some kids have suffered abuse themselves, from broken bones to cigarette burns on their bodies. We offer safe parenting time visits supervised by trained staff and safe exchanges of kids for visits off-site. Read about Grace’s story. Last year:

  • 1,346 supervised parenting time sessions were provided to keep children safe 
  • 575 safe exchanges of children were provided
  • 99% of those surveyed said they felt safe at Kids First
  • 153 families (521 adults and kids) received services

“I love this time with my daughter.  She means the world to me.”
– CVIC Client

This Year's Goal

350 kids and parents will be kept safe from further harm

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Teaching respect and positive relationships

New Choices equips men* who have used violence at home with skills that facilitate change in their behavior and challenges their belief systems about violence, using a 27-week curriculum.

  • Weekly practice: With each topic, we offer a healthy method for them to practice and apply, such as positive self-talk and time-outs.
  • Accountability: We collaborate with the courts to ensure participants follow through with court orders.
  • Victim safety: An advocate follows up with intimate partners of participants to offer safety planning and services.

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* Groups for women who have used violence in their intimate relationships are also available.

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